Spring/Summer 2019

Gherardo Felloni presents his debut collection as Creative Director of Roger Vivier for Spring/Summer 2019. Immersing himself in the archives of the Maison, Felloni believes that the essence of Roger Vivier can be distilled into three fundamental pillars: silhouette, colour and exclusivity. Each one is epitomised in different ways. The distinctive silhouette is evident with the Très Vivier collection, which features a reimagined heel and a slightly curved metal buckle. Colour comes in bold splashes of bright red, vibrant pink and emerald green as seen with the Gommetine ballerinas and the I Love Vivier pumps. And last, but certainly not least, is the exclusivity offered by a handcrafted pair of shoes, adorned with precious materials, such as crystals and feathers, as seen on the Flower Strass pumps and the Maharaja sandals.

roger vivier image